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Mentoring Automation - doTERRA

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Mentor Your Team with Greater Ease, Freedom and Effectiveness!

ONLY $197 to Get Started and Set Up 
Then Adds on $29 to Your Monthly Support Package to Keep Running

Imagine having your entire mentoring strategy automated in a way that makes it easier for your team to stay accountable and connected, as well as giving you greater freedom to show up in your genius zone. 

This mentoring package was created with the Empowered Success Mentoring strategies in mind, giving you the very best in mentoring, while also allowing you to customize the process to your voice and your team's needs. 

Customize it once and then let it roll!

Mentoring Automation Package Options:

  • Weekly Success Check-In
  • Group Power Mentoring

Works Great For:

  • Weekly Mentoring
  • As Needed Mentoring
  • Group Mentoring

Your Mentoring Automation is powered by the very best platforms in the industry including, but not limited to, Infusionsoft and Zapier.

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