Questions & FAQs


  1. Can I buy the website template without the monthly hosting fee? No, the beauty, simplicity and power of our websites comes directly from working with our preferred hosting partner, ShowIt. Having worked with Wordpress sites for the past decade (which are considered mostly "free," even though most people have to pay for themes, apps, development, coding, backup support, and more), we love working with ShowIt and know you'll love their platform, also. It's extremely easy to swap photos and text in their 'drag and drop' software, while also being one of the most safe and secure platforms on the planet. Trust us. This option actually SAVES you money in the end.
  2. I'm not typically a template kind of person. I'm unique and my offering is unique. Will these website templates work for me? We get it! And we LOVE your originality! That's why all of our templates were created with preserving and showcasing your unique personality and business. Feel free to change colors, swap photos and customize to your heart's content. You'll also love our website workbook which supports you in putting your website together not just in a way that looks beautiful, but a way that works. 
  3. What is your return/refund policy? If you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 4 days a full refund can be given. After that point, due to the labor involved in putting everything together for your website and logo customization, 50% refunds are available for the first 30 days and no refunds are available after that point. Monthly hosting can be stopped at any time. 
  4. Can I stop the monthly hosting at any time? Yes. It's a month-to-month arrangement which gives you the freedom to discontinue your service at any point. Please note that when you discontinue, your site will no longer be live on the internet. We will hold on to everything for 30 days and then after that point it will no longer be available, which means that if you ever wanted to get your website going again, you'd need to rebuild it from the ground up. If you need to put a hold on your hosting for a few months due to financial hardship or extenuating circumstances, please reach out to to explore options with our staff. 
  5. What kind of support can I expect with the monthly hosting? Due to ShowIt being our preferred partner, our team will handle ALL of your support inquiries (not ShowIt's support), giving you the very best of both worlds. We know your site best and can help you quickly and efficiently. Once you work with us, we continue to take great care of you throughout your entire time working with us.