Coschedule Marketing Scheduler for Sequoia Clients

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Use the very best social media marketing scheduler on the web to keep all of your social platforms up-to-date, while keeping yourself in your genius zone. 

This is the primary scheduler we recommend due to it's capacity to truly free up your time and keep all of your marketing in one place.


  • Most Easy to Use - most schedulers (including if you are scheduling direct through Facebook) use a list view which can make it hard to get a good view at a glance of all the marketing happening. Coschedule shows all of your scheduled marketing in a calendar view, along with the ability to simply hover over a scheduled post to see quickly the graphic/photo and copy for that post. Using the week/month view ensures you're able to stay in touch with when marketing is happening, having less things fall through the cracks.
  • Most Easy to Edit - Coschedule has a great feature where you can create social posts within groups/projects which allows you to find everything for one specific event or marketing promo quickly to then update/edit everything all at once (rather than hunting down each individual post and potentially losing some and confusing your market)
  • Most Easy to Collaborate - got multiple people working on your marketing team? Coschedule is a powerful platform to bring everyone together on projects, even allowing tasks to be assigned to specific posts or marketing projects that have multiple people working on them. Posts/projects are also able to be tagged with colors, making them easy to sort and prioritize.
  • Most Easy to Repurpose Content - with Coschedule's Requeue feature it makes it easier than ever to load up content for specific times and days of the week and then have that content repeat automatically. 
  • Strong Analytics - measure the success of your marketing efforts by receiving monthly automated reports on the analytics you care about. 
  • Works with Every Social Platform - works great for Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and more! 
  • Write and Collaborate on Email Newsletters and Blog Posts - keep all of your posts and related emails/blog posts all together in one easy place. 


This payment covers your monthly fees with Coschedule, but does not cover extensive tech support. You are responsible for researching how to use Coschedule through their training library and working with their support team. We are happy to support with minor tech support issues such as trouble logging into to your account, adjusting the analytics reports received each month, etc.

If you are working with Quinn directly on your marketing strategy, this monthly fee is in addition to whatever payment arrangement you've made with her since it is a fee paid direct to Coschedule to use their service. 

Cancel anytime with no additional fees. 

coschedule marketing calendar
Coschedule Marketing Scheduler for Sequoia Clients
Coschedule Marketing Scheduler for Sequoia Clients
Coschedule Marketing Scheduler for Sequoia Clients
Coschedule Marketing Scheduler for Sequoia Clients