MIA JAYNE- Business Website Template

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Feel even more confident growing your business with a gorgeous brand making your business magnetic to your ideal customers and business partners!

Simply swap out your photos and text to customize this website template and make it yours!

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  • Website Template for Home, About, Learn More, Work with Me and Contact Pages, built on ShowIt which integrates with Wordpress for Blog Functionality. If you desire more pages to your website and/or other specific design customizations, also purchase the Website Design Customization add-on.
  • Access to Our Step-by-Step Simple Website Template Workbook to make decisions for all website copy and images fast and easy (also includes a video support library). Once completed, customize your website template by logging in to your website template via ShowIt.co (our preferred drag-and-drop website building platform). Would you rather have our team customize your website template for you? Add our Done for You Website Creation add-on to your cart at checkout.
  • Logo pre-designed using this theme's logo template and sent to you in all the logo file formats you need to be able to change the colors and use your logo design anywhere and everywhere, including to build your own designs in any design software/program. Wanting a custom logo design for your website? Purchase the Custom Logo Design add-on when you checkout.
  • Business Card Designed using this theme's template and sent to you, ready to order from your favorite printer
  • Style Guide for this template to give you the exact color hex codes so you can match anything you make anywhere else to your brand. 
  • Review before publishing - Our lead developer will look over you site before you publish to make sure your links are working, all the spacing and alignment as stayed consistent, and check all photos to make sure they are positioned in the placeholders correctly.
  • Facebook Group Community of other users to glean more fun ways to work with your branded assets and grow your business
  • Website Management - we ensure your website stays live and working properly
  • Website Hosting & Security through our preferred partner, ShowIt.co


Choose from one of the following hosting options to determine your monthly hosting fee.

  1. Standard | $24/mo. or $228/year - looking for a no-fuss website and not needing a blog? This is the option we recommend.
  2. Basic Blog | $29/mo. or $288/year - want a blog on your website? This option is for you! Have the ability to log in and write as many posts as you desire.

Pricing is determined by our preferred partner, ShowIt.co, however payments are made direct to Sequoia so we can handle all of your technical support, rather than sending you to work with ShowIt directly who don't know your website needs like we do and who may not be able to respond to support tickets as quickly as our team.


After over a decade of working with countless website and hosting options, ShowIt has been a dream come true! Here is why ShowIt is our preferred hosting partner:

  • Most Easy to Use + Customize - once your template is installed, you'll love the drag and drop functionality that makes it easy for you to swap photos, change text and adjust sizing intuitively. Once complete, simply hit "publish" and everything saves and publishes immediately to your live website.
  • Most Secure - a major problem with Wordpress and other standard types of websites is the high risk of hacking, leading to major headaches and potential losses of the website, as well as down time. Over our time using ShowIt we have never experienced any of these problems. Our websites are now extremely dependable and have automatic back-ups happening every 10 days without us ever having to do anything manually to ensure this happens.
  • Best Support - we have established relationships with the developers and management team of ShowIt, allowing us to get priority support when needed for any highly technical issues that might stump our development team (rarely happens.. if ever). 
  • Most Beautiful - designed for photographers to showcase their gorgeous photos, this platform naturally allows us to create a design that is not only beautiful and visually rich, but also highly functional. Truly the cutting-edge of what is possible with websites in comparison to all other options out on the market.
  • Most Responsive - your website will look beautiful on all platforms, including mobile and tablets. ShowIt gives you the ability to customize and control exactly what your mobile view looks like, enabling your site to have correct spacing and perfect sizing for all images and text. 
  • Saves Big Bucks in Development Costs - to build this website with all it's dynamic features through custom coding on a Wordpress platform, it would typically cost $600+. Then, any time you wanted to make any major design changes, you'd be paying more money to a developer. With ShowIt, design customizations are so easy you could change absolutely everything yourself after getting your template set up, without need for a developer.
  • Unlimited Sub-sites - create additional websites and landing pages for free within your monthly hosting package. 
  • Utilizes Wordpress - Wordpress is the industry standard in websites, however it's typically not very user-friendly to the average person. Receive all the benefits of working with Wordpress, without any of the hassle. Know your website is powered by the most powerful website engine on the planet, while you enjoy the ease of the luxury driving and design power of ShowIt.

NOTE: Initial purchase of $497 includes all set-up fees to get your website built and logo customized, as well as access to marketing graphic/pdf templates.

After purchase, your card will be charged $24+/mo. for web hosting (depending on the hosting option you choose) to maintain your website and give you continued access to our fabulous technical support team.

Cancel anytime with no additional fees. 

Return/refund policy?: If you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 4 days a full refund can be given. After that point, due to the labor involved in putting everything together for your website and logo customization, 50% refunds are available for the first 30 days and no refunds are available after that point. Monthly hosting can be stopped at any time.

MIA JAYNE- Business Website Template
MIA JAYNE- Business Website Template
MIA JAYNE- Business Website Template