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Don't love your template choice anymore; found a new one in our store you like better? We are happy to switch your template for you!

There are two options to make the switch happen:

DIY Option: We will load your new template for you and then you can work on transferring all your content from your old one to your new one. ($49)

Done For Me Option: We will load your new template for you and we will transfer all your photos and copy over to your new template. ($97)

If you would like to use the logo/business card which matches the new template we are happy to personalize the new ones for you as well; click here for more details about that option.


How long does it take?
It will only take a a day or so from the date of your purchase to add the actual template to your ShowIt account. The amount of time it takes to transfer your content is up to you if you are doing it yourself. If we are doing it for you; it could be about 1-2 weeks depending on our current workload.

Will my current site be down during the transfer? 
No. We will add your new template as a +site on your ShowIt account which will allow your current template to stay live and functioning properly while the transfer is happening. Once your new template is ready, we will disconnect your domain from the current template and connect it to the new template and publish the change. 

Can I keep my old template as well?
You can keep your old template if you are purchasing the new template as well. If you are just asking for a transfer then we will delete your 'old' template at the end of the transfer process.